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Just fill in some info and copy paste code for click2contact app will be generated.

#1. Enter Info

Update basic info, provide widget your website theme.

#2. Buttons

Enter Info and button for the same will be added

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copy the code and add it to head of your website, send email to for any help for the same.

Our happy clients say about us


β€œThe application is very easy to configure and solves a simple need. The user can choose by which method he wants to communicate with the site. It is effective and looks good. I wholeheartedly recommend using it!.”

Ulmeanu Adrian -

Click2Contact Customer

β€œI am super happy about Click2contact, I have used many chat bots and all of them were using resources, I was looking for a light weight and very simple to configure script to allow website visitors to contact me using popular networks. The script looks great and you can decide with conditional logic in which page to show it. Well done to the creator Sanskar!.”

Roberto Ciccolella -

Click2Contact Customer

β€œThis is a delightfully simple, straightforward setup that really offers some nice features. I've tried a number of solutions to do what I want, but this is y far the easiest and covers all the options I want. The instructions to set it up are clear, and my questions have been asked quickly, and my mistakes were pointed out in a friendly way.”


Click2Contact Customer