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3 Oct

by Sanskar Tiwari

This blog will teach you how to create a click-to-call button and add it to your word-press website.
What is click to WhatsApp button? When the visitor clicks on the click to WhatsApp button it will open chat with your number on WhatsApp. You can also add a pre written message for the visitor
This will be divided into two steps:

Create click to WhatsApp button

  1. visit and enter your phone number
  1. Click “Generate Widget”
notion image
  1. Enter your WhatsApp number
notion image
  1. Now if you like update the WhatsApp label
notion image
  1. If you like you can add more modes of contact just by entering the value for it like to add click to WhatsApp button i am going to add my WhatsApp number and it will look like this
notion image
if not continue…
  1. Now there are other options you can update, Alignment, labels can add profile image messages, designation, and support person names.
  1. Scroll down and (i) Give the widget a name so you can later manage it from and (ii) enter your license key then (iii) click “Generate & Send Code”
notion image
  1. You will receive the code in your email, just copy the highlighted code we will use this to add the click to call (click2contact widget)
notion image

Add Click to WhatsApp widget to the Bubble website

  1. Open the Bubble dashboard and click on “Settings” and then click “SEO/ metatags”
notion image
  1. Scroll down to “Script/meta tags in header” and then paste the code you got on email.
notion image
  1. Open your website, by clicking on the “Preview” button and you can find click2contact widget there.